We are officially online with our Blog Pizzeria La Boccaccia in Rome dedicated to our loyal customers, to all those who love pizza.

Opening a blog entirely dedicated to our pizzeria, represents for us a real opportunity to be close to our customers, sharing information and useful tips.

It is also the beginning of a new adventure, in which we make all our knowledge available, but above all it offers us the opportunity to reach those who do not know us, those who can find in our reality an interesting novelty to discover.

Our goal is to tell the best of our pizzeria, offering more information about our tasty specialties and answer to all your comments and requests.

Do not hesitate, therefore, to contact us or request further information, we will try to satisfy your requests as best and quickly as possible.

Scrolling through the pages of our website, you will find useful information about our appetizing menu, images of our location and all the information you need to reach us in our pizzeria.

For further information and orders you can contact us at the following telephone numbers 3384193095 - 3395811736 or you can write to our e-mail address damianomarganella@yahoo.it.

All the staff of Pizzeria La Boccaccia wishes you a good reading.